Air Conditioner is the most commonly used cooling system in Canada. The cooling process uses Condenser unit along with furnace to cool down the air and blow it into the ductwork. When AC is turned on by the thermostat, the warm air is drawn into the system by the blower motor and it goes through the evaporator to cool down. Finally, the blower fan motor blows the cooled down air into the ductwork. In the meanwhile and after the air is cooled down, the refrigerant is sent back to the condenser unit outside to be cooled down again. Condenser pushes the cooled down refrigerant back into evaporator for the next cycle.

Residents of Ontario know that when the temperature reaches high double digits, there is nothing like the comfort of a quality air conditioning system in your home. If your AC breaks done when you need it most, it’s important to get in touch with an air conditioning contractor with a reputation for quality and timely service.